How to DM on TikTok? [Quick-Start Guide]

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How to dm on TikTok? Are you looking for how to direct messages on the TikTok guide? Have you been trying to DM someone on TikTok but can’t figure out how?

If so, you’ve come to the right spot! Here we will go over the basics of TikTok and how to use it.

We’ll also show you some cool hacks that make it easier than ever to get in touch with people on TikTok. Get ready because after reading this post, your TikTok game will be at the next level!

What is TikTok?   

TikTok is a social media platform that allows users to create, share and watch videos. It was created by the same team who also made music also knows more about how to dm on TikTok. Although TikTok has been around for less than two years it has already amassed over 500 million users! The unique user base of TikTok makes this app special in its own way and gives it a leg up on other social media platforms.

TikTok is similar to Instagram, but the big difference is that TikTok videos are limited to 15 seconds long while videos on Instagram can be any length you want them to be! This makes TikTok more appealing than Instagram for people who like short clips.

Direct Messaging

Direct messaging on TikTok is a private form of communication between two users. The “direct” part implies that it’s not available for others to see, as opposed to comments, for example.

When it comes to direct messaging on social media, you can decide if it’s for you if you can know more about how to dm on TikTok this post is especially for you. Many individuals do not want to completely wipe their accounts.

How to DM on TikTok?

Is it possible to ignore someone who is annoying you on TikTok, like in other applications? This feature, like all others, is available on TikTok. So if you want to know how to send a direct message on TikTok, follow these steps.

You can send a message to someone on TikTok by opening the profile of that person and tapping on “Message.”

Or, if you’re already watching their video, just tap on their username in the bottom right corner. Then tap “send message” and put your text into it!

Send a DM Using the Inbox Icon

To send a direct message to someone on TikTok:

  • Go to their profile page.
  • Tap at the top right corner where three dots are located.
  • Click on three dots and a menu will pop up with different options.
  • One of them being “Send Message”.

How to Opt-Out of DMs On Tiktok?

Now if you’re ready to take it a step further and actually learn how to opt-out of DMs on TikTok, then this is the article for you to knowing about how to dm on TikTok. We will teach you how to block someone on TikTok or make your account private in order to avoid unwanted attention.

That’s not hard, but it can be a bit confusing. Luckily we have you covered and will guide you through the process step-by-step!

TikTok doesn’t allow people with private accounts to contact those who do not accept messages from ‘Everyone.’ If the person has their account set as private then they won’t show up in the search results.

  • Go to the profile of the person whose messages you want to block.
  • Click on three dots in the top right corner of their profile.
  • Go to “Privacy” and select what you want from there, depending on your preferences!
  • So, if its a TikTok guide or TikTok hack that you’re looking for definitely.

Why Can’t I Send a DM On Tiktok?

Users have taken to TikTok expressing their dissatisfaction with the platform’s inability to send DMs. Unlike Facebook and Instagram, where you may send a message to someone who isn’t a friend (but it goes to a “Message Requests” inbox), TikTok doesn’t always allow you to do so.

The first thing to note about TikTok DMs is that in order to send them you must be friends with your recipient and you must register your phone number in the app. The aim of this seemingly peculiar rule is to reduce spam.

The second thing to note is that TikTok banned messages between people who weren’t already following each other back, which can result in a message being sent to the wrong person.

When it comes down to it, there are many reasons why you might not be able to send a DM on TikTok and we have covered them for you! Now that you know how to do this stuff all by yourself, feel free t check out our other articles or contact us for more help!

How to DM on tiktok FAQs?

Can I stop just one person from messaging me?

To stop someone from messaging you on TikTok, you will need to block their account.

TikTok doesn’t allow people with private accounts to contact those who do not accept messages from ‘Everyone.’ If the person has their account set as private then they won’t show up in the search results.

Can I DM someone on TikTok without a phone number?

To direct a message without a phone number, you need to first befriend the person on TikTok. Once your TikTok friends, you can send them direct messages!

If you’re getting an error code when sending a DM to someone that states you need a phone number, but you already have yours registered, contact the TikTok support team for help.

Tiktok doesn’t allow people with private accounts to contact those who do not accept messages from ‘Everyone.’ If the person has their account set to private.


In the end, your videos will be more successful if you create them with the end goal of directing your audience to take action. This article has provided some tips on how to dm on TikTok to do that, but there are many other ways you can achieve this result as well.

Want someone who knows what they’re doing? We’ve got a guide for TikTok users which includes everything from setting up an account and making friends to giving shout-outs or sending direct messages.

You can download TikTok from Goolge Play Store.

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