What is Google Gravity? [Complete Guide]

What is google gravity

Do you know what is google gravity? Google Gravity is a Google search feature that allows users to explore the different ways that gravity affects Google’s search results. Gravity can be used to “drop” search results down the page, make them bounce around, or swirl them around in a vortex. Gravity can also be used … Read more

Google Chrome 97.0.4692.71 (Official Build) (64-bit) For Windows

Google Chrome For Windows PcAppsStore

Google Chrome 97.0.4692.71 is a free web browser developed by Google. It is being developed since 2008 and has managed to gain very high popularity and recognition among users worldwide. Google Chrome the competition stands out light and simple interface and speed. With its support should not be a problem for even less experienced computer … Read more

Waterfox 43.0.1 For Windows

waterfox 1

Waterfox is a 64-bit browser, compiled from the source code of Firefox. According to the author of this program, Waterfox works much more efficiently and quickly than official applications developed by Mozilla. The new compilation optimizations applied appropriate, so it can easily compete even with other browsers – Google Chrome and Opera. Waterfox supports all … Read more

Torch Browser For Windows [10, 8, 7, XP]

torch browser for windows

Torch Browser For Windows is a free web browser equipped with the necessary tools and functions to perform various operations on your computer. The browser is based on Chromium, so that is very fast and comfortable while browsing the web. With the Torch Browser, you can download and save videos from your favorite sites … Read more

UC Browser 5.5.8807.1010 For Windows

UC Browser is a well-known web browser all over the world and based on Chromium project. It is available both on PCs and on mobile platforms based on Android and Windows Phone. In relation to Chromium user gains a much greater ability to customize the layout using skins, as well as access to sync bookmarks, … Read more

Polarity Browser 7.2.2 For Windows

Polarity Browser is a simple-to-use, yet powerful web browser that is based on the Trident engine and Chromium which guarantees high security and speed of the charging parties. First start Polarity implies a choice of default search engines, but we can postpone this decision for another occasion and go to use the program. The user … Read more

Mozilla Firefox Portable 43.0.2 For Windows

Mozilla Firefox Portable Edition is the portable version of the popular browser. Now it allows you to migrate bookmarks, history and cookies also Google Chrome. Moreover enabled Add-on Sync add-ons can be synchronized between computers. The application includes an updated interface for all platforms, which is elegant and easier to use. Cards placed above the … Read more