Polarity Browser 7.2.2 For Windows

Polarity Browser For WindowsPolarity Browser is a simple-to-use, yet powerful web browser that is based on the Trident engine and Chromium which guarantees high security and speed of the charging parties.

First start Polarity implies a choice of default search engines, but we can postpone this decision for another occasion and go to use the program. The user of concern for their privacy can activate incognito mode, which is not stored browsing history, cookies.

There was also a support for Ad-block blocking nuisance advertising. Polarity gives you room to decide which page elements to be displayed and which are not. We can block, for example, components written in JavaScript, Java, Flash animations and even images.

In the era of high-risk hit on the handcrafted, you may want to activate a filter that does not allow for such an event. You are able to access the setup level. One of the most interesting functions Polarity is voice recognition, which allows you to control the browser using voice commands such as activate the menu, dictate phrases or entire e-mail.

Polarity Browser 7.2.2 For Windows Details:

Developer: Stanley Lim
License: Freeware (free)
System: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8/10
File Size: 1 MB

Download It here