Talking Tom Cat 2.7 For Android

Talking Tom Cat for Android Talking tom cat is a funny app like an entertaining game developed by Outfit7 for android and tablets operating system. The Talking cat will react upon touching mobile screen and also repeats the voices of the operator. You can also poke the talking cat with touching on its tail. The talking tom gives quick response upon your voice in talking cat sound. At the time when you touch its neck, then it will respond with a unique sound, pitiful face, its tail or anything else. The sound is different and the reaction of tomcat is also different from each step. Talking tom cat offers you to record your own voice in the voice of talking tom cat. You can talk with the cat in any duration and can share it to Facebook profile, YouTube or email as well.
Outfit7 has developed more apps like talking tom cat including Talking Ginger, Talking Ginger 2, Talking Parrot, Talking Tom Cat 2, Tom Messenger, Talking Tom & Ben, Talking Angela, Talking Larry the Bird, Tom Loves Angela, Tom’s Love Letter, Talking Ben the Dog, Talking Santa meets Ginger and Talking Gina the Giraffe as well. The touching on the screen will respond you with some special responses like dance, angry behavior, sleeping, weeping, smiling and more. Here are some special effects of the cat are having a glass of milk, moving stars on its head and more.

Talking Tom Cat 2.7 Main Key Features:

  •     Limitless entertainment for children and elders
  •     Different response upon different actions
  •     See milk and sleeping style to more fun
  •     Repeats the same keywords and sentences that you speak to talking tom cat
  •     More listening power than other talking apps
  •     Keep recording the funny voice of cat and share it with your friends
  •     Change the background and location of cat
  •     Change style and color of cat-like clothes and more
  •     Upload recorded clips of talking tom on YouTube

Talking Tom Cat 2.7 For Android Details:

Size: 19.76 MB
Version: Varies on devices
License: Freeware
Price: Free
Platform: Android
Developer: Outfit7

Download It here