Kitty For Windows

Kitty For WindowsKitty is a small tool that allows us to log on to servers using telnet, SSH-1 and SSH-2. Kitty is a program still drop and most importantly has more opportunities than PuTTY, which was once the most popular SSH client.

Kitty emulates text terminal that connects to the server using Telnet, or login, and SSH1 and SSH2. So, we can connect to servers such as Linux directly from Windows! Compared to PuTTY it comes with a host of additional features and tools to improve service and support remote connections to servers.

It also offers the ability to automatically send certain commands to the server immediately after login. It also offers pre-defined shortcuts for commands, clicking on hyperlinks (links), and also allows you to create folders and filtering the list of sessions (by name). It is also worth mentioning the additives that improve the appearance, or the possibility of rolling windows, window transparency and quick start-up copies of the session. Kitty also integrates with WinSCP and pspc.exe.

Kitty For Windows Details:

Manufacturer: 9bis Software
License: Freeware (free)
System: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8/10
File Size: 558 KB

Download It here