Is 60 Mbps a Good Internet Speed?

Do you know Is 60 Mbps a Good Internet Speed? A good internet connection is characterized by both a proper bandwidth as well as speed. The speed of your internet refers to the rate at which you can transmit data while the bandwidth represents the maximum amount of data that your connection can process in the given time.

A greater bandwidth means your download time will be significantly reduced which makes streaming and other tasks more fun. It also allows you to enjoy fast internet on various devices at a time.

When it comes to internet speed so many people seem to ask the same question, i.e., is 60 Mbps good internet speed. In this article, we will discuss why you need to upgrade to 60 Mbps for a better online experience.

Is 60 Mbps Connection Enough?

It mainly depends on the number of devices connected to the internet and your average usage. For places where there are 2 devices 25 Mbps internet should do for web surfing, social media activities, and streaming.

But if you really wish to enjoy the seamless online gaming, streaming, and other facilities, you need to upgrade to a 60 Mbps connection. With this bandwidth, you can use the internet on several devices with minimum interruptions or lag.

Is 60 Mbps a Good Internet Speed? [Expert Opinions]

1. Broadband Speed and Mbps

Mbps is used to measure the broadband speed of your internet connection. Megabits comprise millions of bits and the more Mbps you have the faster you will be able to perform your internet-based tasks.

The internet speeds are usually higher and more stable in areas that have access to fiber lines since these lines ensure minimum loss of information.

2. 60 Mbps for Gaming

Different types of online games require different internet speeds. Mostly single-player games can be played with 60 Mbps internet without any issues. There are many recent games that require you to have consistent and fast internet and without it, you cannot make the most out of the graphics as well as gameplay of these games.

To make things clear, let’s take a look at the Mbps required to play different types of online games

3. FPS or First-Person Shooter Games

Most FPS games require download speeds of about 20MB and upload speeds of about 1Mb. These games require quick input from the players and any delay can cost the whole game.

As long as your internet speed is greater than 20mbs you can play these games without any worry.

4. RTS or Real-Time Strategy Games

These games usually involve assembling your very own armies and building strongholds. You get to attack your enemies and expand your territory using real-time strategies.

These games require relatively less speed i.e., about 3mbps for downloading and 1 Mbps for uploading. If you have a connection of 60 Mbps you can play RTS games without compromising the internet speed on other devices which is pretty amazing.

5. RPG or Role-Playing Games

Role-playing games give you an opportunity to enjoy both the action as well as a great story. These games have become so much popular in recent decades and the future looks pretty bright as well.

You can play role-playing games if you have an internet download speed of more than 2 Mbps and an upload speed of about 1Mbps. With 60Mbps speed you can play the game and stream or download content on various devices at a high rate.

6. MMO or Massively Multiplayer Games

In these games, hundreds of players take part in the game at the same time to meet a certain goal. These games do not require a very high download speed unlike FPS, or RPG games which makes them accessible to everyone.

You only need a download speed of about 3 to 5Mbps and an upload speed of 1 Mbps to play MMO games. This means a 60 Mbps connection is more than enough if you mainly play such games.

7. 60 Mbps for Streaming 

With the rise of OTTPs or over-the-top platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Disney, Amazon, etc. more and more people are switching from Cable TV to these for their movies and drama needs.

These sites ensure you get access to the latest shows of the best video quality. However, the major factor that contributes to good video quality is your internet bandwidth.

Most streaming sites give UHD results for a connection of about 16 to 25 Mbps and that makes 60 Mbps great for streaming. 

To enjoy the best video quality, you either have to reduce the number of devices connected to the internet or upgrade your connection. If you want to stream standard definition videos on Netflix you need at least 5 Mbps internet.

For Hulu, you need at least 3 Mbps for the same quality videos. If you wish to stream HD video quality on sites like Netflix you need at least 5 Mbps while for Ultra HD you need a 25Mbps connection.

For streaming standard definition videos on YouTube, you need a 3Mbps connection and if you wish to take it a step further to HD you will need at least a 7Mbps connection.

8. 60 Mbps for Streaming 4K Videos

4K videos have 8 million pixels on the screen and that makes the video quality four times better than standard HD resolution. 4K or Ultra HD videos require an internet connection of 16Mbps to 25Mbps for most streaming platforms.

Different sites require different internet speeds for example, to stream UHD on Netflix 25Mbps is required while for Hulu you only need about 16 Mbps.

The Number of Devices Supported by 60Mbps

It mainly depends on the tasks the devices are performing at the same time. A number of devices can use 60Mbps smoothly if users are just streaming normal quality videos and surfing the web.

For streaming UHD 4K and playing games that need more bandwidth, the number of devices is reduced.  Usually, 6 to 8 devices can be connected with 60 Mbps for simple tasks like streaming in SD or HD or for playing MMOs, or RPG games.

Final Thoughts

So, for a single user who wishes to play online FPS and other games and wants to stream UHD videos a 60 Mbps connection is more than enough. It will allow you to make the most out of your online experience.

However, if there are several users who simultaneously want to do the above tasks, you need to upgrade to even faster internet. We really hope this information has helped you decide whether you need to upgrade to a faster internet or not and we wish you the very best.       

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