InPage Urdu 2022 For Windows Download

Inpage Urdu 2022 is the latest Urdu, Pushto, Punjabi, Arabic, Persian, Kurdish, and Hindi writing software. Inpage Urdu 2016 has a lot of new features such as formatting, text stylizing, coloring, and printing as well. The language Urdu and other relevant languages are growing each day and required some proper application to compose data. The compressed data may include Urdu Newspapers, Books, Digests, Profiles, Cheatsheets, Applications, and other information databases.

What is Inpage URDU 2022?

Inpage is one of the best Urdu writing and editing software that is used in all over the world and especially in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates.

InPage Urdu 2022

Urdu Inpage 2022 Overview:

The phonetic style is one of the most used Urdu keyboard styles which is integrated in Urdu Inpage 2016 and all the previous versions and the new page 2020 version from Some People always talking about “How to write Urdu” so I am here to give some tips to write Urdu in your computer. If you don’t have an Inpage installed on your PC, then no need for any external strategy.
If you don’t have any version of Urdu Inpage than you can download an easily “Phonetic” file and run it on your PC. After the installation process, you can modify language settings from the Control Panel to set a shortcut key for writing both English and Urdu languages in Microsoft Word. On page can work on all versions of Microsoft Windows including especially with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8.

How to write Urdu using Google translator?

The 3rd is the simplest way that surely saves your time and it doesn’t require any Phonetic or Urdu Inpage on PC. You can just open “Google Translator” and follow the method mentioned below in the Picture. After writing your desired text, you can copy it from google translate and paste it to Microsoft Word or any other supported software.
InPage Urdu 2022 Download


Urdu Inpage 2022 Features:

The Inpage urdu keyboard shortcuts keys in In-page Urdu are the same as in Adobe Photoshop Microsoft Office and Google Chrome and other popular software. The basic commands are the same as Copy, Paste, Cut, Print, Open, and others just like the previous versions.

The stylizing feature was improved were new “Symbols” added for the first time to make your text pretty and beautiful. The printing preference is also customizable so you can adjust the paper size to your printer-friendly paper. The most important thing is that the developer has added more than 20 different Noori and Nastaliq.

Urdu Inpage 2022 Free Download Details:

Size: 14 MB
License: Free
Price: None
Platform: Windows
Developer: Inpage

Download It here