CCleaner 5.13.5460 For Windows

CCleaner v5.13.5460  is a free tool to remove unnecessary files from the hard drive. The application allows you to arrange the system so that it will act firmly and quickly. In addition, by using CCleaner have the opportunity to regain a lot of free space on your hard drive, which was occupied by temp files. An additional advantage of this application is the ability to clear our activity on the internet and get rid of incorrect or unnecessary entries in the system registry.

CCleaner (v5.13.5460) is characterized by an intuitive interface, so applications can also benefit people who do not have much experience with computers.

CCleaner v5.13.5460 Main Key Features

* When it comes to organizing your operating system, CCleaner empties the Recycle Bin, storage space, remove temporary files, Windows log files, cache DND, etc. Advanced users can select additional options, allowing for more accurate performance cleaning system from unnecessary files.  CCleaner removes traces of our online activity. The program allows you to delete the cache, web history, cookies, saved passwords etc. with most popular web browsers like Firefox, Internet Explore, Chrome, Opera, or Safari. Free CCleaner will also remove unnecessary files from many popular programs like Thunderbird mail client, PDF reader; Adobe Reader graphics program GIMP, or popular AIM instant messenger.

* CCleaner offers its users a variety of powerful tools. One of them is the module registry cleaner. Thanks to him, we get rid of unnecessary entries concerning, inter alia, unused file extensions, ActiveX problems, paths, etc. programs. CCleaner also offers a tool to uninstall programs, manage applications running with the system (autorun), search for files, system recovery and disk wiping (eg. USB stick).

* Currently, our computer is cluttered with unnecessary files every day. So we should take care of its cleanliness and systematically remove the virtual trash. Producers tried to help us to create many programs removing unnecessary files from your hard disk. The best-known tool is cleaner. To improve its performance up to the creator of many regularly provide updates. But this is not the only such tool.

* The application is very intuitive and fast way to get rid of through the virtual trash littering on our drive. Manufacturers declare that the first cleaning recover up to 1.5 GB of free space. An important advantage of the program is to inform about the extent cluttering your computer. And above all, improve the overall operation of the system. In addition, the tool creates backup copies of deleted files. However, you should remember to regularly update the program to improve its maximum performance.

* CCleaner which is mentioned at the beginning is the most popular tool for cleaning the system. Simple to use and very effective cleans every nook and cranny of our drive. He takes up the basket, storage, temporary files, cookies, the list of downloaded files, visited websites etc.. Manufacturers systematically refine Ccleaner’s, allowing us to serve more and more new programs. It should protect your computer against littering by installing the appropriate tool, this will positively affect the speed and performance of the system.

CCleaner 5.13.5460 For Windows Details:

Developer: CCleaner
Last updated: December 21, 2015
License: Freeware
OS support: Windows
File size:6.5 MB

Download It here