Why Is My Xfinity Data Usage So High?

why is my xfinity data usage so high

XFINITY is Comcast’s broadband and TV service. It offers a variety of programming, including live and on-demand TV, digital content, and home services. You can also use XFINITY to get online content, such as movies and shows. With XFINITY, you have the ability to watch your favorite programming without commercials. Many people are curious about … Read more

Can Parents See Internet History on Bill?

can parents see internet history on bill

Parents are increasingly worried about their children’s Internet usage, and whether they’re privy to sensitive information that they shouldn’t be Can Parents See Internet History on Bill? One way to get around this is by using parental control software like Bill. Some people believe that Can Parents See Internet History on Bill? and parents should … Read more

Is 400 Mbps Good For Gaming?

is 400 mbps good for gaming

400 Mbps is a term used to describe the maximum speed that most home and business internet connections can achieve but Is 400 Mbps Good For Gaming?. This is roughly four times the speed of a typical 25 Mbps connection. To put it into context, an average person downloads content in about 4 minutes over … Read more

How to Connect Element TV to WiFi?

how to connect element tv to wifi 1

Consumers are immersed in a sea of choices when it comes to streaming devices and services. But How to Connect Element TV to WiFi? that could stream all your favorite shows, movies, and live sports? That’s where Connect Element TV comes in. This unique streaming device connects to your home’s WiFi network and allows you … Read more

WiFi Extender Causing Internet to Drop

wifi extender causing internet to drop

Reports of WiFi Extender Causing Internet to Drop have been cropping up lately. Some people believe that the devices are causing interference with other electronics in the home, which can cause a loss of signal and slow internet speeds.  Some solutions to this problem include moving the WiFi extender away from other electronics or turning … Read more

How to Connect Non Smart TV to Internet?

how to connect non smart tv to internet

If you have a non-smart TV, you are worried about How to Connect Non Smart TV to Internet? there are ways to connect it to the internet so that you can access content from streaming services and other sources. Some TVs have built-in Wi-Fi capabilities, while others require an external adapter. You can also use … Read more

Xfinity Wifi Keeps Disconnecting 2021

xfinity wifi keeps disconnecting

Comcast’s Xfinity Wifi Keeps Disconnecting often, sometimes for minutes at a time and sometimes for hours on end. Xfinity wifi keeps disconnecting is a common problem that many customers face. Comcast has acknowledged the issue and is working to improve it. The company says that it’s aware of the problem and is working to fix … Read more

Why Is My WiFi Router Blinking? [7 Reasons]

why is my wifi router blinking 1

If you’re experiencing a blinking router light, it might be time to replace your device. Why Is My WiFi Router Blinking?, Routers use a range of different technologies, and as these technologies evolve, so do the blinking lights that indicate their status. Routers that use Wi-Fi signal technologies, for example, might blink faster than those … Read more

Tumblr Photo Editor Apps

tumblr photo editor apps

Tumblr is one of the most popular social media platforms on the internet, with over 200 million users. One of the great things about Tumblr is that you can easily create and share photos with your followers. However, if you want to give your photos a little extra flair, or if you just want to … Read more

Is Your Xfinity WiFi Slow?

is your xfinity wifi slow

If you’re having trouble streaming video or downloading large files over your Xfinity Wi-Fi network, it might be because your connection is slow. The good news is that there are a few things you can do to speed up your connection. If you’re experiencing slow Wi-Fi speeds on your Xfinity broadband service, there might be … Read more